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                                  Helping you get a better deal on your gas & electricity

                                  Switch your energy with ease and save
                                  up to £461* a year.

                                  Ofgem Confidence Code Rated Excellent on Trustpilot


                                  We're Ofgem accredited and, thanks to our customers, rated Excellent on Trustpilot

                                  Ofgem Confidence Code


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                                  Save money on your energy


                                  We want you to make serious savings, and switchers have cut their bill by as much as £461*.

                                  Rated Excellent on Trustpilot


                                  We're proud to say that, thanks to our customers, we're rated Excellent on Trustpilot.


                                  British Gas
                                  OVO Energy
                                  Shell Energy


                                  We're dedicated to simple switching, and we're here to help you find the best deal around.


                                  Enter your details

                                  Answer a few quick questions and then we can find you some great energy deals based on your location and usage.



                                  Once we’ve got your prices we’ll help you compare the best ones, and we can answer any questions you have too.


                                  We’ll handle the switch

                                  With us there’s no obligation, but if you want to take one of the energy deals then we’ll handle it all for you free of charge.

                                  It's fast, simple and free.


                                  We've covered a number of commonly asked questions below.

                                  • Who is Energy Helpline?

                                    Energy Helpline is an independent energy comparison service that began life back in 2002. Our mission is to ensure that energy switching is swift, simple and absolutely hassle-free.

                                    Our price comparison service is Ofgem-accredited, which means you can be sure that the prices and options displayed have been calculated fairly in an unbiased way.

                                    We’re honest, impartial and dedicated to seeing you save money on your energy bills.

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                                    Whilst we can't guarantee that we'll be able to find you a cheaper deal, it's well worth checking. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and we'll be able to tell you today whether we think you could be paying less for energy. There's no reason to keep overpaying, especially when switching with us is so simple and free.

                                    Switching also opens your eyes up to what else is out there on the market. No other comparison site compares more UK energy suppliers than us, so we can give you a really accurate picture on how cheap some energy deals can be. Once you've switched and saved once, you'll want to stay up to date, and eventually switch again to save more!

                                    You'll also be fixing your price if you move to a fixed tariff, which means that you won't be subject to price rises during your new contract. So you can sit back and relax knowing you've saved yourself some hard-earned cash, without having to worry about wholesale energy prices for the length of your fixed contract!

                                  • After switching suppliers, what do I need to do?

                                    Once you've made a decision on which energy supplier you'd like to switch to, we do the rest by contacting your existing supplier. Once everything has been okayed we will send you an email to confirm the switch.

                                    From there, we will process and forward your details to your new supplier. They will then contact you to inform you of your new tariff start date. You must ensure that you take a meter reading on this date, so that you are billed for the correct amount.

                                    After that you just have to wait for the switch to go through. The Energy Switch Guarantee states that you should wait no more than 21 days for your tariff to be switched.

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                                  • Will my energy supply be interrupted if I switch?

                                    No, your current energy supply will, in no way, be interrupted.

                                    Your actual energy supply is not changing, so there won't be any interruption. Everything happens behind the scenes, so if you've picked a cheaper deal through us then the only difference you should notice will be your energy bills going down.

                                    Think of your energy supply like your broadband supply. The service itself does not change, just the service provider!

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                                    You should be able to find who your current energy supplier is by taking a look at your most recent utility bill. Your supplier's logo and name should be clearly visible on there.

                                    Another way of finding out your current energy supplier is by taking a look at your last energy payment on your bank statement, and it should say the supplier name there too.

                                    You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO), the company that owns and maintains the electricity grid in your area. Contact them and ask them for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS) and tell them your postcode and address, and they'll be able to tell you the current electricity supplier for your property.

                                  • How long is my cooling-off period?

                                    No matter which supplier or tariff you choose, your cooling-off period is always 14 days, starting from the day after you agree to the contract with your new energy supplier.

                                    This means that if you have a change of heart after you've decided to switch your energy supplier to a cheaper one, you have 14 days to reverse the switch and remain with your original energy supplier.

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                                    Definitely not, calling us or visiting our website does not lock you into a new tariff. We are here to provide you with all the information you need, and you can take as much time as you need before making a decision.

                                    A lot of customers use our service to simply see what cheap deals are out there, as it saves them from trawling through dozens of supplier's sites and doing it all themselves. By going through the steps with us, we'll generate all the latest and greatest energy tariffs on the market for you to look through at the time of your comparison.

                                  • How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

                                    This can vary depending on the supplier, but we estimate around 4-6 weeks. In this time you shouldn't notice anything different, as your switch happens behind the scenes. There is no interruption to your supply when you switch energy supplier, and you'll be notified once it has gone through.

                                    If the energy supplier you are switching to is part of the Energy Switch Guarantee, you should be switched within 21 days upon confirmation of your supplier change.

                                  • What is Ofgem?

                                    Ofgem, or Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, is an independent body that regulates the energy market.

                                    This body was created to protect consumer interests in the energy market. This is done by regulating price caps, revising supplier regulations, and by promoting innovation and competition amongst suppliers.

                                  • Do I need to contact my current supplier if I want to switch?

                                    If you're switching energy and using a reputable comparison service like Energy Helpline, there's no need to contact your existing supplier - everything is handled for you.

                                    If you were to switch through us, once you've chosen the cheap energy tariff you'd like to switch to, we'll contact your current supplier and let them know you are leaving and moving to a new deal.

                                    You might need up-to-date meter readings, but your new supplier should contact you to ask for these during your switchover.

                                  • Are there any hidden costs?

                                    Absolutely not, our energy switching service is free for all customers. This covers everything from visiting our website or calling our UK-based call centre, and switching to your new supplier. From start to finish, switching energy suppliers with us is free!

                                    We are here to provide you with the best deals available in your area. No other energy comparison service compares more.

                                  • What happens if I'm moving house?

                                    There are certain steps you need to take when switching energy suppliers when moving house. Don't worry, we've outlined them clearly below.

                                    Before you move make sure you:

                                    • Let your supplier know that you're moving, by giving them at least 48 hours notice.
                                    • Read your readers on moving out day, and give the readings to your supplier. Keep a note of them in case you don't agree with your final bill.
                                    • Give your supplier your new address so they can send you your final bill.

                                    After you move make sure you:

                                    • Contact the current supplier of your new property to tell them you've moved in.
                                    • Read the meters and give them to the current supplier to make sure you get an accurate first bill.
                                    • Pay the bill when you get it.

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                                    This depends on your current tariff terms and conditions, as well as your contract status. Some tariffs simply don’t have exit fees, and that’s a selling point used to make them more appealing. Your current supplier will be able to tell you if you have any exit fees to pay for leaving.

                                    The type of energy tariff you are on can determine whether or not you pay any exit fees when switching your energy supplier, too. If you’re on a standard variable tariff you can switch without incurring any fees, however, if you’re on a fixed term plan you’ll most likely be charged when leaving your current supplier. Although, when you receive your notice 49 days before the end of your fixed-term tariff, suppliers cannot charge a termination fee if you choose to switch after this point.

                                    Sometimes cancellation fees are dependent on your supplier, too. There are now some energy suppliers out there that have chosen to completely scrap cancellation fees, giving them an advantage over the ones that do.

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                                    If you’re looking for some really useful advice on energy efficiency then visit Energy Saving Trust, Citizens Advice and the Government’s energy grants calculator.

                                    The Energy Saving Trust is a leading, trusted organisation helping people save energy on a daily basis.

                                    Citizens Advice is a renowned service in the UK which provides free assistance and guidance on a range of subjects, including energy.

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                                  You can find plenty of useful information in our handy guides.


                                  Energy switching guide

                                  It has never been simpler or more cost-effective to switch energy suppliers; you could save literally £100s in just 10 minutes. Here’s our easy-to-follow guide.


                                  How to compare energy tariffs

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                                  Gas & Electricity Glossary

                                  The energy industry is full of jargon. We prefer plain English ourselves, so here is a glossary of terms to help.

                                  View more news & guides